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Learn To Live Life "Full Throttle"

Mary Lou Dobbs Motivational SpeakerWhat does it mean to be a “success”?
Wealth? Productivity? Power?

Does success mean breaking through the “glass ceiling”? Is it marked by an iron will, a superior intelligence – just being in the right place at the right time?

Or is there more?

I accidentally removed my hand from the motorcycle clutch while in first gear. The next instant I was slammed onto the garage floor, the air knocked out of me.

The owner anxiously asked, "Are you still going to buy it?"

I jumped up, dusted off my jeans and responded, "Absolutely!"

This motorcycle incident is the catalyst for the 60-year-old Dobbs’ journey of profound personal transformation. Despite all of her substantial professional achievements and financial security, she realizes she is actually living a self-imposed "root-bound" mentality.

My audiences want to know how to break away from self-imposed limitations, slumps, and a root-bound mentality while discovering financial and emotional independence.Have Mary Lou Dobbs present

As a trainer and accredited keynote speaker at venues nationwide, Mary Lou has had the opportunity to meet with high level management people and top performers at all levels. Not surprisingly, key decision makers have one overwhelming concern: “Can you help my employees be more productive and so sell more products?”

The answer is an unequivocal "Yes." But how? Mary Lou Addresses these concerns in her impactful presentation: "Learn to Live Life Full Throttle at Any Age"

Testimonials from Some of the Companies Presented for:

Farm Family“It was a pleasure working with you on the keynote presentation at our annual sales meeting and your sales training at our New Agent Survival Course. I think it must be pretty apparent to you that our agents think quite highly of you. The fact that you have an insurance background and have experienced the same challenges they face makes you an extremely credible speaker.."
- Mary Zysk, Senior Marketing Consultant

Frito Lay"What a terrific seminar you've created! Thanks for doing your part in training employees' to improve their basic skills and managers to become leaders for the future."
- Bruce Paton, VP of Industrial Engineering

Miliken“Your keynote presentation was outstanding and your message was well received by all who attended the meeting."
- Eddie Stone, Pursuit of Excellence Director

BMW Logo"I support Mary Lou Dobbs, in sharing her story of how she learned to “Live Life Full-Throttle”.  BMW is excited to know professional women are learning to ride and enjoy motorcycles.  These autograph events bring attention to all women on how BMW is tapping this fast growing segment of potential riders. Mary Lou’s enthusiasm and story is worth hearing…"
- Laurence Kuykendall, Community and Communications Manager

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Learn to Live Life "Full Throttle" at Any Age - Part 1