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Motivational Speaker Mary Lou Dobbs
Author of Repotting Yourself and Cinderella Salesman

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Reviews and Testimonials of
Repotting Yourself
Financial-Emotional-Spiritual Flow


“Mary Lou has created a work that invites you to be more than you thought possible. She offers you an opportunity to reinvent yourself. What a world we would live in if everyone became their next highest version of themselves.”
Richard Rogers, Unity Minister & Founder of MTI

"Repotting Yourself" is born of decades of sales experience, teaching and coaching.

“You may identify with the stories in a way that will unlock the mysterious and make it the
norm, allowing you to “live life full-throttle.”
– Mary Lou Dobbs

“This book is a must read, not only for all of us that share the title “baby boomers,” but all who are struggling to embrace change, survive the economy and live a full life in spite of what happens to us.” - Joanne Callahan, MBA, President, Callahan Technologies, Ltd.

“This book will take you into a new understanding of who you are and what you can attain and give you the tools to get there.” – Karen Partain Robison, RScP, What if it really works? Radio

"Not only a fresh perspective that relates directly to women, Mary Lou also share real solutions to take action on ... now lets go have some fun!"
Emily Leach, SEO Strategist